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This web page is a source of information on such work as pool and grounds maintenance, repairs, and major projects performed for the Orchard Villa Homeowners Association.

2016 Maintenance in Review 

This year was notable for the completion of the following buildings and grounds improvements:

1.      Elastomeric coating: we applied two coats of protective elastomeric coating to four more buildings on Alberta Court. As part of this process we also painted gates and door jambs, caulked the patio areas, and leveled uneven concrete.  This effort will continue into 2017.

2.      Roof maintenance: as a preventative measure against leaks we performed roof maintenance on 5 buildings. This consisted of replacing or caulking broken tiles, rearranging tiles that have shifted, replacing flashing as necessary, and caulking roof penetrations as necessary. This effort will continue into 2017.

3.      Pool repairs & improvements: we repaired the pool cover, rebuilt the circulation pump, installed new LED security lights, installed additional security mesh around the door lock, and installed a new “night lock” to replace the bicycle lock that had been used.

4.      Fence replacement: the fence between the Entrada development and Orchard Villa, and the “wing walls” around the RV lot were replaced with a long lived and very nice looking simulated stone Simtek product. This fence should have a life of at least 30 years. The costs of this project were shared between Entrada and Orchard Villa. The cost sharing saved Orchard Villa approximately $40K.

5.     Grounds: as part of a concerted effort to “shield” Orchard Villa from the 2 story Entrada buildings we planted over a dozen  trees along the west and north perimeter of the existing Entrada development. This effort will continue into 2017.

2015 Maintenance in Review

This year was notable for the completion of the following buildings and grounds improvements:

  • Two coats of protective elastomeric paint were applied to four more buildings on the north side of West Hale.  The buildings' courtyard gates were painted, their patios caulked, and their door jambs repaired and replaced as necessary.

  • Corrected uneven concrete, particularly blocks with variances greater than half an inch.

  • Installed a solar pool heater that is already saving us $1,000 per year in natural gas costs.

  • Repaired waterline breaks on West Hale and Alberta Court.

  • Installed a flower bed around the tree just inside the RV lot entrance and leveled out the front RV lot fence posts.

  • Due to vandalism, the keyed pool lock was replaced with a keypad lock.

  • To deter future vandalism, we have installed new motion sensor lights inside the pool area.

2014 Orchard Villa Maintenance Projects

This year was notable for the fact that we spent nearly $80,000 on reserve fund projects to improve our infrastructure.

  • Courtyard Wall Repair  The courtyard walls at 471 Hale, 489 Hale, 562 Hale, 682 Hale and 433 Alberta have been repaired to correct problems caused by settlement. The settlement causes stress between the gate and the adjoining garage wall, misalignment of the latch, and stucco damage. We had planned to repair only two walls this year, but hired a new contractor that was able to repair all five walls within the reserve fund budgeted amount of $2500.
  • Elastomeric Paint Project  Part one of this four-year project has been completed. The first four buildings on West Hale by the 500 West entrance have had their stucco exteriors caulked and repaired, while two coats of protective elastomeric paint have been applied to waterproof them and forestall future cracking. All of our buildings will be treated similarly by the end of 2017.

These same four buildings had their courtyard gates painted and concrete patios and doorsteps raised and caulked as necessary.

  • Door Jambs  Several housing units had their door jambs repaired and painted.
  • Drainage Improvement Project  The long-standing drainage issue at the west end of Hale Ave. has been corrected. During heavy rains, water would build up at the end of the street, forming a lake that threatened to flood at least one building. The problem was corrected by grading a swale between two buildings, thus providing an alternative drainage path. Shortly after its installation, we experienced a flooding rain and the new drainage system worked great! 
  • Pool Railing Repair  The pool railing anchors and concrete have been replaced. The pool now has two railings for added safety and convenience. Covers have been added to the railings to keep temperatures down.
  • Seal Coating/Crack Seal  A $15,000 project to crack seal and then seal coat all of our streets successfully took place in late July, with our residents cooperating by not parking their vehicles on the street when the project was underway.
  • Additional Projects  Termite treatment was applied to one residential building. The pool fence underwent a paint touch-up and a remote temperature monitoring system was installed in the pool building to prevent bathroom pipes from freezing during the winter. A broken seal was replaced in the pool pump and a small animal-infested storage vault for the machinery operating the pool cover was cleaned out. We also lowered and leveled the fence that screens the RV parking lot and changed the plantings in front of it.

2013 Orchard Villa Maintenance Projects

  • Replaced the pool cover and made repairs, as needed, to the building roofs and fences.
  • Replaced a section of fence behind the second building on W. Hale near the 500 W. entrance.
  • Repaired damage to swimming pool cleaning devices discovered during the pool start-up process. Buying replacement parts and making the necessary repairs resulted in the pool reopening a little later than normal this year.
  • Drainage piping and the south sewer vault at the end of W. Hale were cleaned out.

September 2012 Orchard Villa Maintenance Project

  • Precision Concrete Cutting was onsite in Orchard Villa in early September to undertake this year's concrete repair reserve fund project. The project consisted of removing sidewalk and curb trip hazards at various locations within our property. The method used involved sawing the trip hazards and removing debris and dust from the repaired areas.
  • The project went smoothly and was finished in just a couple of days. Thanks to all our residents who kept our streets and driveways unobstructed while the work was being done.

Jan.-Feb. 2012 Orchard Villa Maintenance Projects

  • In late January, a new motor was installed to operate the opening and closing of our pool cover.

  • Our streets were crack-sealed on Friday, February 10th.

  • In March, we installed a 260-foot long simulated stone fence to block the view of the RV parking lot between its two entrances. At each end of the lot, wooden fence extensions have also gone up to provide additional screening and to hide our yard waste dumpsters from view.

October 2011 Orchard Villa Maintenance Projects

  • Two significant reserve fund projects were completed this fall. The doorjambs for the units on North Hale Ave. (Buildings 13-17) were repaired and painted. Some minor stucco repairs were made to the rear of Building 6 (433-453 Alberta Ct.) and Building 15 (451-457 N. Hale). During the project, touch-up of other exterior doors and walls occurred. We also had the entire exterior fence line repaired and stained.

2010 Orchard Villa Maintenance Projects

  • Concrete was poured in front of the pool house door and the mailbox near the RV parking lot. In addition, new curbs and gutters were installed at both entrances to the RV parking lot.

  • Later in the spring, some asphalt patching took place on West Hale, along with crack sealing on West and North Hale.

  • In the summer, our building roofs were inspected and roof tiles fixed or replaced as necessary. In addition, a major overhaul of our sprinkler system was undertaken.

  • In early October, our pool had a new pool liner installed.

  • In the fall, one building was treated for a termite infestation.

Maintenance Projects Completed in 2009

Planned Expenses:

  • Stucco Repair: Patched and painted water damage and holes in stucco on all buildings. Also filled in cable holes ($8,600).
  • Courtyard Wall Repair: Shored up three courtyard walls ($3,390).
  • Paint & Repair Gates: Repaired 21 gates and painted 50 gates ($8,250).
  • Swimming Pool Complex: Installed an anti-suction grate to meet federal standards ($480). Installed a new door on the men’s bathroom ($216). Installed commercial door closures ($190). Painted door jambs ($150).
  • 400 North Entrance: Installed a traffic mirror ($400). Leveled dirt and installed a drip system and landscaping in first 70 feet ($1,138).
  • Underground Utility Survey for Proposed Storm Drain $800-$1,000).

Unplanned Expenses:

  • Replaced Six Valves in the Sprinkler System ($3,800).
  • Repaired Broken Water Line: Building 15 ($825).
  • Fence Repair: replaced 13 broken fence posts with steel poles ($2,250).
  • New Pool Cover ($1,850).

Your cooperation during these projects was appreciated.

Marc Thomas, President
Orchard Villa Townhomes Homeowners Association

Orchard Villa HOA
P.O. Box 1409
Moab, UT 84532

Updated 07-24-2017


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