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Orchard Villa homeowner JoAnn Simbeck typically meets with our groundskeeping contractor, Frost Landscaping, on a weekly basis to supervise the timely completion of landscaping tasks. If you have issues with our groundskeeping, please contact JoAnn at 259-8874 and she will communicate your concerns to the contractor. We ask that you please refrain from contacting Frost Landscaping directly.

Request for Landscape Change Adjacent to Homeowner's Unit

Annual Groundskeeping Calendar

2008 Landscape Guidelines

In 2010, the Orchard Villa HOA Board approved a water conservation plan with a goal of achieving a 20 percent reduction in landscape water usage. We hope to enlist our homeowners' help in conserving the use of water. Guides that we are using to help us reach this conservation goal are listed below:

Residential Lawn Watering Guide for Moab, UT & Vicinity

Basic Turfgrass Care

Recommended Water Wise Plants for Utah Landscapes

False Chinch Bugs

The false chinch bug is a tiny "true bug" most frequently found west of the Mississippi River and in areas with dry to arid climates. False chinch bugs feed by piercing plant tissues and sucking the juices.

False chinch bugs are dark grayish-brown or black with transparent wings. It is likely as summer comes on that they will attempt to migrate from the hospital service district field into some Orchard Villa yards & homes.

However, killing false cinch bugs is easy. The bugs readily drown and can be killed with a hard stream of water. Their inability to survive in water may be the reason the bugs prefer dry areas and are seldom seen where heavy rain is frequent.

Links to more information on dealing with false chinch bugs are listed below:

What is a false chinch bug.pdf

False Chinch Bugs.pdf


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